3 Squarespace Ecommerce Myths - Busted!

One of the things I’ve heard from others in the never ending debate about Squarespace vs. Shopify, or Squarespace vs. Wordpress, or Squarespace vs. WHATEVER is that some seem to think that Squarespace is great - unless you want an ecommerce site. I’m here to tell you that’s not true at all! Let’s bust some myths!

Myth: In Squarespace you’re limited to a handful of “store” based templates and can’t work outside of them. 

Busted: Not only do ALL of Squarespace’s templates allow you to build an online store of any size, but with a seasoned web pro (*cough* like me *cough*) there are virtually no limits to design or functionality. Sure, Squarespace may not do some things or look a certain way right out of the box but that definitely doesn’t mean things have to (or should!) stay that way. Custom CSS, HTML, Javascript and tons of awesome Squarespace plugins make it so that things can look however you want and do whatever you need. 

Myth: There are limits to the number of products you can sell on Squarespace. 

Busted: There are no limits to how many products you can add to your site and each product itself can have up to 100 variants. (Variants are things like size and color.) Shopify has this exact same limitation unless you want to start tacking on third-party plugins and, to be honest, there are better ways to organize your site to help visitors discover your products (through things like search, archives, and tags & categories) than by setting up excessive product variations. 

Myth: Squarespace is only good if you have a couple of digital products, not a robust store.

Busted: The key to anything is great organization! I’ve built sites on Squarespace that have had as many as 16,000+ physical product variants! Even stores with a relatively few number of products can end up with upwards of a thousand variations when you do the math on all the different options available. Managing these on Squarespace is no different than managing them anywhere else and you get the added bonus of also having a beautiful site to show off your content in addition to being secure, connected to everything you need and easy to update and maintain. What more could you ask for? 

Your website is one of (if not THE) biggest investments you may make for your business so it is super important that it can do all the things you need it to and then some. Over the years, I’ve built sites on pretty much any and every platform from Wordpress to Wix to Shopify and beyond. There are definitely some cases where I think Squarespace is not the best but for 99% of my small to medium business clients, it’s perfect now and will continue to get better. Want to brainstorm with me to explore what’s best for you? Email me with your questions!