Kristine Neil
Kristine Neil
Squarespace Web Designer + Ecommerce Specialist

Squarespace Web Design that Sells

What’s your biz? Whether you’re selling products or services, physical or digital, courses, downloads or even your time - your site has something to sell. Lucky for you, as an eCommerce specialist and Squarespace superfan, I turn nonexistent or broken sites into amazing powerhouses that beg customers to buy. If you’re a modern small business owner or bold entrepreneur ready to improve your online presence, you’re in the right place.


Real Talk

Small or big, we’re all in the ecommerce biz

Unless you’re running a personal blog or hobby hustle, chances are the purpose of your website is to make money! Whether you’re a brick and mortar retailer ready to bring your inventory online, an entrepreneur selling downloadables or a service provider looking to fill your calendar with paid gigs - you’re an ecommerce business owner. Yay you!

How your customers discover you, interact with your content and move through your site should all be driven towards motivating them to go hunt for their credit cards. You also need your website to connect to all the business systems and services that turn your site (and your biz) into a well-oiled machine. That’s what I call a powerhouse!

TL;DR I can help you build a framework that helps you sell physical, digital or service products - even subscriptions or memberships. It doesn’t matter if you’re offering one simple service or have a robust inventory of 16k products (yeah, I’ve built that!) - your website is the heart of your business and it deserves some TLC. When you work with me, you’ll get the benefit of working 1:1 with an eCommerce specialist who also happens to be a Squarespace superfan. Together we’re going to create a site you love.

Love love love our new website. Kristine did an outstanding job. Thank you so much!
— Narelle Melhuish (
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