Why You Need a Mailing List

The original idea for this post was to write and tell you about why you need to have a website and not just a social media presence. I was going to give you reasons like it helps you look legit and helps you get noticed and is great for SEO (totally valid reasons BTW) but I'm not just here to help you build a website. I'm here to help you build a website that works for your business. And I mean works.

A website is a must have when it comes to business but it's not a standalone tool. No website is an island! This means that your site needs to connect to your active social media accounts but it also needs to go a step beyond that and help you build your email list.

What's an email list?

This is the list of people (clients, leads, people who like your blog) who have agreed to give you their email address in exchange for something of value that you have to offer. This could be informational like a newsletter filled with helpful tips or something more actionable like a freebie download or a discount on a future purchase from you.

Why not just social?

Facebook and Instagram are okay enough tools to connect with others and get outside your initial sphere of influence but if this is where all the attention goes, what are you really building? Aside from physical business assets like equipment or inventory or your Macbook - your book of business is what it's all about. It's your contacts, your relationships, your everything. And if all your interactions with your #1 business asset are on social media, what happens when new platforms crop up, algorithms change, people leave? How do you connect? Would you be starting from zero again?

Instead of waiting until that happens, I want you to start thinking now about how to build your amazing future-proofed online business. The best part is that you can still hang out on social media if you want but you know that you'll just be using those platforms as tools to drive new contacts you meet back to the real heart of your brand - your website and, yes, your email list.

Why you need an email list:

  1. So you can own your own contacts. Remember this is your #1 business asset! If you interact with your people only on social media guess you have nothing. No bueno. Take ownership of what's yours.

  2. So you can stop worrying about algorithms. There are lots of competing stats out there on this but it's estimated that only 6-10% of your followers are actually seeing your posts. That is also no bueno. But guaranteed that if you pop up in their inbox with something of value for them that they will pay attention. This keeps your brand top of mind for them. Let your competitors waste their time getting lost in the feed. You'll be right there in their inbox!

  3. So you can show off your expertise. Notice the bit of emphasis from that last point: so you can provide something of value for them. That's the secret sauce. And it's super simple. In an email you can get personal and provide tips, advice, tools and resources that help establish you as an expert in your field. People want to learn and if you can solve a small problem for them for free (or just worrying about getting likes) they will turn to you when they're ready to make a bigger purchase.

Of course, before you can really start building focusing on list building you need to have a website designed with your business strategies and goals in mind. I can help you with a website redesign or a new web design so that you can get to work on building your future-proofed online business.