The Ultimate Ecommerce Setup Checklist

Whether you’re getting ready to launch your first online biz or have been at it a while, it seems like the list of things you need to do BEFORE you can actually get to work is never ending. Things can definitely seem overwhelming at first mostly because there are so many moving parts that all magically need to come together. Use this handy checklist to work through all of the various tasks that will help make sure you have a successful launch!


✔ Consult with lawyer and/or accountant, if needed

✔ Select & set up your payment processor account (Stripe or PayPal)

✔ Prepare Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policies

✔ Write out Refund & Return Policies

✔ Research tax rates applicable to your business type, products & region (again, an accountant is your friend here!)

✔ Research what types of shipping options you'd like to offer

✔ Document the process you will use to fulfill orders

✔ Document the process you will use to add orders to your accounting system or CRM, if needed

✔ Set up a specific branded email address that you'll use for all commerce activities, if desired


✔ If exporting your store from another platform, prepare CSV file

✔ Write product & service descriptions, including specific details & specifications

✔ Decide what customer information you'll need to collect with orders

✔ Document all product variations in a spreadsheet along with costs

✔ Decide how you will document and track inventory, if not using Squarespace

✔ Organize product photos & thumbnails in a folder, plan a photoshoot if needed

✔ Organize products into categories & plan what tags you'll use to help improve search

Marketing Info

✔ Plan marketing activities that you'll use to promote your store, including social shares

✔ Set up your Shoppable Instagram, if using

✔ Consider putting together a list of FAQs for your site to help customers

✔ Schedule or create coupon codes, discounts or promotions

✔ Select & set up your email campaign platform (MailChimp or Squarespace Campaigns)

✔ Review the Analytics panel so you can understand and track future store traffic, purchase funnels and button conversion rates