Live Chat on your Squarespace Website

Looking to add a simple feature to your website that will instantly boost your user’s experience? Add a live chat widget! (Or get yours truly to do it for you!) Website visitors today expect to be able to communicate with businesses on the spot when they have a question, need, or problem. Often this means that asking them to fill out a contact form and wait for a response just won’t cut it. With Squarespace, it’s possible to give them exactly what they want through a live chat feature.

Implementing a live chat system on your website gives your site an interactive element and reminds visitors that a real human is on the other side of the screen to help them. For small businesses, this is also one quick and relatively inexpensive way to look and act like a major player! It shows everyone that your biz is tech-friendly, responsive and focused on customer service. Those are all great wins!

If you’re thinking this might be a feature you’d like to add here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • If you have a team, make sure you go through some training so that everyone knows and understands how to respond appropriately in your brand’s voice. Make sure they know what your expectations are around response times and that everyone feels comfortable with answering the most common questions your business receives.

  • Live chat does require integrating a third-party program but there are lots of options depending on what internal software and systems you use. For example, my own live chat button (down there in the bottom right of the screen) uses one that connects all my chat messages to Slack because that’s where I’m online at every day so I’m guaranteed to never miss a message. As a one woman show this is important! Another great solution is integrating Facebook Messenger as your chat option. This is one of the most accessible since nearly every person out there already has Messenger installed on their phone!

  • Be sure to turn the chat off if you’re going to be out of office or not able to reply right away. Having the chat icon there indicates that you’re ready and willing to talk with customers so it’s going to be a real let down if they submit a message and never hear back. This isn’t the type of first impression you want to make with a potential customer! There’s no shame in turning off the chat widget if you need to and turning it back on when you’re ready.

TL;DR Adding a live chat widget can be a quick win for your business when it comes to customer service and making a great impression with customers. It’s easy to add one and becoming the norm for quick convos with online visitors!