Live Chat on your Squarespace Website

It’s the age of instant gratification and rapid fulfillment. Consumers expect to be able to communicate with a business instantaneously when they have a question, need, or problem. With Squarespace, it’s possible to give them exactly that by implementing a live chat feature on your website.

Implementing a live chat system on your website gives your site an interactive element that raises its value and, in a way, almost humanizes your website. If you implement a matching customer service protocol in your organization and have people ready to chat with site visitors immediately, then the site will start to feel like the place to interact with your brand.

Investing in a live chat system also shows that your brand is tech-friendly, responsive, and ready to serve the needs of your customers. It goes a long way in helping users trust your website and your content.


Live chat does require integrating a third-party program. There are a number of apps on the market that exist to facilitate live chat on a website. Probably the most popular solution is the one we have on our own website, it’s called Intercom. The reason Intercom is so popular is because it delivers an enterprise-level solution that can enable companies of any size to utilize it as a full-blown customer service delivery platform. Intercom also has great additional features, such as the ability to automate messaging to customers (once they’ve established a profile in the system), and to build knowledge systems, like the one we built here.

Another great solution is to integrate Facebook Messenger with your website. Facebook Business Pages are free to own and operate and as long as members of your team have access to the page, they can chat with customers who engage with the app.

TLDR: The technological barrier to enable text-chat with your customers directly on your website is low. If such a feature fits into your daily operations, this feature could enhance the customer experience you create for your audience.