Updated North Coal.png

The North Coal

What they sell: Corporate BBQs and catering and a merchandise shop filled with swag and homemade sauces, plus a complete festival/vendor setup

Challenge: Help show off a re-brand while also building a platform that can grow with the business.

Solution: The North Coal is a fast-growing catering company turned full on Canadian lifestyle brand and their website had to keep up. The first phase of their project was to move the site they’d started themselves to Squarespace and give it an entirely fresh look. Then came event menus for large-scale corporate BBQs followed by a complete section dedicated to festivals and events. There’s an online merchandise shop that will soon be followed by the launch of a retail pop-up and full on coworking and event space. The site will be a hub for all things North Coal and the perfect example of how working in stages can take a big project and make it super doable!

Feedback: “Super happy with the work Kristine has done for us! We were set on doing all of our web design ourselves but realized very quickly that having an expert on board makes a huge difference! Her work gave us an image and brand that we’re proud of and has allowed my team to focus on growing the business. Projects big or small, make the investment - it’s worth it!”