Kristine Neil Studio
Kristine Neil Studio
Squarespace Web Designer + Ecommerce Specialist

The Powerhouse Ecommerce Website

Powerhouse /ˈpou(ə)rˌhous/ Noun
Def: a thing of great energy, strength, or power.


I’m all for pretty. Pretty is nice. But running a business online needs to be way more than pretty. Your website needs to work. Hard. As hard as you do. Harder than that, actually. Your website needs to be a thing of great energy and super-hero-level strength. Your website needs to be a powerful machine - fine-tuned and well-oiled and all the other engine-y metaphors. It needs to connect to all.the.things. and be as helpful as you wish Alexa was in real life: anticipating the needs of visitors, providing just the right information at the just the right time, guiding them to THE BUTTON. You know the one.

Maybe on your site the button says “Buy Now” or “Download Today” or “Book Me!!”. Whatever it is, it’s that button that makes you an eCommerce business owner. It’s that button that turns strangers on the internet into loyal fans, followers, friends and customers. It doesn’t matter if you’re big or small, if you’ve got physical, digital or service-based work to sell or even whether your current site is nonexistent or just broken down. Together, we’re going to take what you have and build you an online powerhouse. Also, good news: it’s way faster, easier and more fun to do than you think and it all starts here.


What’s Included

A Beautiful New Website

✔ Complete Web Design & Development in Squarespace

✔ Website Mood Board & Color Palette

✔ Up to 10 Fully Customized & Mobile Responsive Pages

✔ Domain connected or transferred - or help setting up a brand new domain, if needed

✔ Connected to all active social media accounts

Business & Strategy

✔ 90-Minute Project Kickoff & Strategy Call

✔ Questionnaires to help you define your Ideal Client, Brand & Style

✔ Complete eCommerce setup - all back-end settings and options taken care of for you

✔ Email marketing system connected (Squarespace Campaigns, Mailchimp or Convertkit)

Support & Guidance

✔ 11-page Website Content Guide workbook to help you prepare your website content

✔ Custom shop & product details page design - up to 10 items with 5 product variations loaded for you

✔ 90-Minute Launch & Learn Call

✔ Personal screen recorded training saved for your future viewing pleasure



Things you can bank on when we work together


Expert Support & Guidance

During our project I’m 100% yours! I only work on one project at a time so my #1 job is to support you and work with you to bring your vision to life. In addition to two 90-minute phone calls where we can talk strategy and ideas, I’ll also be there with you helping guide you through content creation and organization, helping make sure you have all the right business systems and automations set in place - even recording a personalized training video just for you so you’re not left high and dry after launch.

A 2-week web design process

Yes, you read that right. We’re going to take your website from nonexistent or broken to powerful and amazing in just two weeks. The truth is that you will have to do a little advance homework in order to make this happen (don’t worry, I got your back on that) and you’ll need to be present and accounted for during our two-week design phase. (No last minute beach vacays!) But this is your biz we’re talking about and I know you’re ready to spend less time working on your site and have more time putting that site to work for you.

Guaranteed Launch Date

When your business is on the line, launching at some ambiguous point in the future is simply not good enough. You have social media posts to write and marketing activities to organize and you can’t do those things without a website! We’re going to pick your launch date, write it on our calendars and then (this is the unique part!) actually launch your site on that date. No project overruns, no months of wondering when your project will end and you can finally get to work. Just a real date that means as much to me as I know it does to you.

Kristine created a website experience on par with the real-life experience of visiting our studio. It had to be fun and playful, yet urban and modern. The result was fantastic. On top of that, she was such a pleasure to work with.
— Marius Morf, Owner - PREP Urban Hair Studio
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Powerhouse Package Details


One completely custom designed & developed 10-page powerhouse website built on Squarespace for your brand. Connected to all the accounts, software and services you need to help your business run smoothly with 1:1 guidance and support from me from start to finish. With content prepped from you ahead of our design phase, we’ll create your site in 2 weeks flat with a guaranteed launch date.

Total Investment: $3000

Launch dates available in August & September!

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How to Get Started

Schedule a Booking Inquiry Call

Phone call game plan: you’ll share with me a bit about your business and we’ll discuss the scope of your project. I’ll review my web design process with you and answer any questions you may have about web design or working together. If we’re a match, I’ll send you everything you need to get started ASAP.