Kristine Neil Studio
Kristine Neil Studio
Squarespace Web Designer + Ecommerce Specialist

The Power Hour


I can build an entire website from the ground up in 2 weeks.

Imagine what we can get done in an hour.

What It Is:

Consider this an hour-long hangout session with your best business friend. Want to focus on just certain pages to get feedback from a pro? Great! Would you rather walk through how all of the parts are working together at more of a 30,000 view? That’s good too. This time is 100% yours to pick my brain, ask me questions, and get advice or guidance. If there are small design tweaks that I can make on the fly, I’ll do them for you right on the spot. If you want to learn how to do it yourself, we can call it a training session.

Perfect if:

✔ You’re feeling stuck on how to organize your site
✔ You’re wanting to have a pro review what you’ve done so far
✔ You need some ideas on marketing, content or strategy
✔ You want to learn how to use some of the native Squarespace features better
✔ You want brainstorm with a business & web design expert

Code & Plugin Support

Squarespace Help & Training

Design & Marketing Strategy

It was such a great experience working with Kristine. She was incredibly efficient with coding and could troubleshoot any roadblocks we encountered tweaking my website. She also has a solid graphic design sense, which always helps. My sessions are more than worth their intended value. I’m looking forward to working with her again!
— Joey Zeledon (

1-Hour Live Screenshare Session