custom css squarespace

Joey Zeledon

What he sells: A small selection of prints and books, a link to a Kickstarter project, plus a complete portfolio of awesome work

Challenge: Push the limits of Squarespace’s out-of-the-box design abilities with custom code to create a fun, modern user experience

Solution: Working with Joey is a great example of what can come out of a few well-planned Power Hour sessions. The primary site design and flow is all Joey but he just needed some help connecting the pieces and polishing things up with custom CSS, HTML and a bit of JavaScript. Some of the page layouts were tweaked to improve the experience and help connect everything visually. This really helped bring his vision for the portfolio portion of his site to life and adding a small shop means visitors can take home some of the cool design work he displays.

Feedback: “It was such a great experience working with Kristine. She was incredibly efficient with coding and could troubleshoot any roadblocks we encountered tweaking my website. She also has a solid graphic design sense, which always helps. My sessions are more than worth their intended value. I'm looking forward to working with her again!”