Squarespace Product Import Guide + Spreadsheet

Having a brand new website built and designed from scratch can seem like a daunting experience - mostly because there are TONS of decisions to make even if you have a great pro in your corner doing all the heavy lifting for you. Add in the task of pulling together the details and specifics for the physical or service-based products you plan on selling and you can quickly be on the fast track to overwhelm and we don’t want that!

I’m going to get you hooked into my secret weapon when it comes to building and managing Ecommerce sites on Squarespace fast. Are you ready? The secret is … a spreadsheet. Ha! BUT this isn’t any old spreadsheet!

My product import spreadsheet is 100% based on the stock spreadsheet that Squarespace provides (link and info here) but with all my tips, advice and notes added right into it. So, even if you have a total spreadsheet phobia, this will make it easy for you to fill out and upload everything right into Squarespace. BONUS: having all your products and variations organized in a spreadsheet is the perfect jumping off point for you to track sales, discounts, promotions and manage inventory in one easy place.