Shoppable Products on Instagram

You know that old saying about how in real estate the only thing that matters is location, location, location? Well, making it easy for your customers to shop right from their Instagram feed is the modern, online-business equivalent. The goal is to make it as easy as possible for people to buy from you and to reduce any friction that might interrupt that process. 

Making it easy to buy right from their feed!

We love a good “link in profile” for posts or - if you’re cool enough - the “swipe up” ability in stories but you don’t have to constantly update your profile link or be a social media influencer already to take advantage of the shoppable products on Instagram feature. If you sell products and use Squarespace, you’re in.

Tips & Details

  • This feature only works if you sell physical products but not digital ones or services. If you’re a salon, for example, and sold your products online in addition to service packages you could tag the products but not the services in posts and stories. 

  • You’ll need to be on either of Squarespace’s commerce plans. Both are great options and we can help you decide if one is better than the other for your business. 

  • Shoppable Instagram requires that you update your personal account to a business one… which if you’re using Instagram for business you should probably do anyways and comes with some cool side benefits like Instagram Insights, contact information and Instagram Ads.

  • You’ll also need to have a business page on Facebook and it will get connected to something called Facebook Business Manager. Because Facebook owns Instagram, everything gets routed through your Facebook page for ads and integrations like this on Instagram. 

  • The setup process can be a little overwhelming and it takes a number of steps to set up but once things are in place, it’s easy to manage! Because of this, it’s a great feature to get some help with at the start so that you can make sure everything is taken care of and works as it should.

TL;DR Shopping on Instagram allows you to tag products in posts and stories so that visitors can check out the details and shop the product on your website… all without leaving the app. It’s a great way to connect with your customers, right where they are and making buying from you easy. It’s the cheapest real estate you’ll ever buy, we promise! 😉