3 Simple Ways To Supercharge Your Social Media

The social media game is shifting for brands every day. Users favor different platforms the unique experiences they offer and increasingly, users are expecting better experiences from brands than the simple broadcasting of messages. Depending on what it is your business does, one platform might have more value to you than another. It’s important to determine where to invest your efforts and to find a rhythm that works for you. However, no matter which platform is best for your business, or what your ultimate goal is in terms of an ROI, there are some simple things you can do to give your social media game a refresh.

65% of humans are visual learners. Give your audience what they need.

Start A New Visual Campaign

The simplest tried and true way to recapture the imagination of your audience is to launch a new visual campaign. You don’t have to separate from the visual aesthetic of your brand to come up with something new and inspired. This campaign could be a stunning series of photos of your product or service or well-designed graphics. Push it a little further and encourage your audience to share their own images about their experience with your brand. Social media is, after all, about connectivity and engagement.

The design you wrap your message in is as important as the message itself.

Update Your Graphics

When brands move away from the strict edicts of their style guides, it’s typically on social media. Think about posting a new rendition of your logo as your profile image. Get creative with your cover photo options on Facebook and Twitter. Use graphics to turn your Instagram grid into an infographic about your brand. The way you wrap your message is just as important as your message itself.

Social media is where your brand - large or small - can show thought leadership.

Amp Up Your Level Of Engagement

Another simple way to mix up your social media use is to alter how you engage. If your strategy has been to only reply to comments or messages sent to you, then that’s fine. That makes sense. Now might be the time to be a little more proactive, though. Use your social media to share content from your peers, or on news relevant to your brand and include your thoughts. This is your chance to demonstrate thought leadership. However, when you decide to add a fresh pulse to the way you engage on social media, the interactions are sure to drum up new impressions and attract new users to your page.

MarketingKristine Neil